Market Research and Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The quality of market information is key to the successful development of marketing programs. Carey Fawcett has successfully completed market research projects in a wide variety of industries and throughout the world.

Our market research can utilize one on one personal interviews or telephone interviews, focus groups, mail or email questionnaires or a combination of these, depending upon the purpose of the research and the coverage required. Our questionnaire designs are tailored to get the maximum amount of useful information in the minimum amount of time, a key to successful research, since time is at a premium, now more so than ever before.

In addition to normal market research, Carey fawcett pioneered the development of customer satisfaction studies in business to business marketing in the nineteen eighties. These surveys not only provide essential guidance concerning shortfalls in performance and competitive comparisons, they are now also becoming a requirement for ISO certification. Our earliest clients are now using satisfaction surveys as benchmarks to track genuine improvement in performance over time.