Carey Fawcett International Inc. provides a variety of marketing implementation services for our clients to help them achieve their marketing and sales objectives. Many of these services are equally useful to profit and non-profit organizations and we have extensive experience in both sectors in all of these service areas.

Financial Modeling

Carey Fawcett builds financial models for a wide variety of purposes. These include forecasting cash flows, profitability, and financial returns or simple models reflecting a business' financial structure.

Their uses vary from being able to make presentations to lenders that allow the impact of, for example, interest rate changes or margin changes, to be shown on cash flow, to models for use in merger and acquisition discussions to demonstrate the impact of different deal structures. In all cases they incorporate whatever logic makes the most sense for the type of business under review.


Typically larger companies and organizations are well equipped to find additional funds should that be necessary, however, many smaller entities appreciate assistance in this area. Carey Fawcett has found private equity and loan financing for a number of organizations and will help prepare an appropriate prospectus for whatever type of financing is needed. We also have experience in accessing public and private foundation funds, especially for young companies developing or producing new products or technologies with environmental or energy saving advantages.

Communication/Promotion Plans and Strategies

We work with clients to develop workable and realistic communications and promotion plans including budget development. CFI will also help clients to implement the plans in order to achieve their goals.

Communication Materials

Carey Fawcett has in-depth experience in writing, editing and overseeing the design and production of newsletters (internal and external), annual reports, marketing sales materials and trade show materials, so that the material is fresh and interesting and delivered in a timely manner. Other services include speech development and writing, researching and writing reports and promotional articles and ghost writing for publications. Carey Fawcett also works with clients to ensure that their web site reflects the overall goals and objectives of their communications plan, including content review, content writing or re-writing, re-design, optimization, web site links, etc.

Marketing and Sales Training

Our training programs are oriented towards training personnel in the practical realities of their business and in the reasoning behind a company's plans, rather than in teaching standard sales or service techniques. They serve to ensure that everyone is working from the same 'song sheet' and understands the business thoroughly, particularly with respect to the customer need profiles of different market segments. We can generally teach in a day or two what it would take years of service to learn on the job.

Public Relations

Carey Fawcett will help to implement those areas of the communications plan that call for media relations and publicity including writing, editing and circulating concise and interesting press releases and organizing news conferences.

Event Planning

Our extensive experience in planning and executing all kinds of special events such as conferences, sales meetings, trade shows, retreats and parties will ensure your event's success. We coordinate all show/conference/event services and display hardware and manage all supplier relationships. We also develop and oversee the production of the marketing materials, takeaway materials and will handle media relations.


Carey Fawcett will help your organization develop corporate giving programs, including researching and writing a corporate giving statement consistent with your organizations, objectives and capabilities. We can also administer the program to ensure that your giving goals are implemented in a timely and efficient way.