Marketing and Sales Planning and Implementation
Carey Fawcett's Marketing Planning techniques are based on years of experience in segmentation, market analysis, and competitive evaluations and are integrated through our proprietary price sensitivity and simulation techniques. We work with our clients marketing, sales and sales service personnel in workshops and can develop accurate market analyses very efficiently, which provide the basis for mutually acceptable marketing and sales plans.

Market Analysis and Segmentation
Fundamental to the success of any marketing and sales program is segmentation in terms of customer need profiles. Carey Fawcett has developed practical techniques to assist in the segmentation process. The result is not only effective and realistic segmentation, but also prioritization of the segments so that, in the subsequent work, the most important segments are dealt with first.

Competitive Differentiation
The segmentation techniques lead directly to an evaluation of competitive performance and provide the basis for the subsequent competitive differentiation. Competitive differentiation results from the choice of segments the company is best suited to service and the need profiles of those segments. It does not typically require a major overhaul of a company's real market performance but rather the recognition of a company's strengths and the incorporation of those strengths in its marketing and sales programs.

Marketing Strategy Development
The foundation of the marketing strategy is the selection of the target product/service, geographic and market segments. The target segments in turn dictate the competitive differentiation and the appropriate product, service and price offerings in order to maximize share in the target segments.

Tactical Marketing and Sales Planning
Marketing and sales planning involves identifying all the actions necessary to the successful achievement of the marketing strategy. These will include the contributions to be made by all the marketing and sales tools and the expected results in terms of sales and margins. Carey Fawcett's simulation models can be used very effectively to determine the optimum marketing mix. Typically, the new marketing and sales plans will have implications for production and support services and these changes are also integrated into the overall plan and the resultant financial plan and budget.

Plan Implementation and Other Services
Because Carey Fawcett is dedicated to helping our clients actually achieve peak performance, we are prepared to provide whatever assistance may be required in the implementation of our client's marketing and sales plans. These services are described in the Implementation and Other Services sections.