Carey Fawcett is a small company and directly employs very few people because of the great variety in the work we do. Generally, we sub-contract work, such as interviewing or software work, on a project by project basis both to other organizations and to individuals. We are especially interested in developing associations with additional overseas companies with expertise in B2B personal and telephone interviewing.

When we do employ people on a full time basis, we look for people with the right combination of personal qualities, experience and functional skills. The personal qualities we desire are integrity, intelligence, a high energy level and conscientiousness. Experience can be from any industry and the functional skill set should be related to one or more of the services offered by Carey Fawcett. We are not concerned about formal qualifications but about genuine ability in our areas of expertise.

We respect our employees, emphasize personal development and hope to retain personnel for an extended period. The company style is informal, unstructured, rational and very strongly customer oriented. Personal idiosyncrasies are welcome provided they do not interfere with the on the job performance of the individual and his or her co-workers. A sense of humor is an advantage.

We reward performance and encourage equity participation.

If you think you can make a significant contribution to our corporate performance, either doing contract work or as a full time employee, we would like to hear from you. As indicated above we seldom have full time openings.