About Carey Fawcett

Where do we go from here? Our mission is to help you optimize your future business performance by providing services that are all oriented towards assisting companies to grow profitably. We do this by working with you to answer these questions;"Where do we go from here?", "How do we get there in the most expeditious way?" and, "What resources are needed to do the job?". As your business development consultants and, hopefully, partners, our perspective is concerned with your business relationships with the external environment and how to use your assets in that environment to the best advantage, whether they are technological assets, people, production capacity, cash or brand loyalty.

What differentiates us from other consulting companies that provide apparently similar services are a number of important factors.
  1. We bring practical hands on experience to bear rather than expecting lifelong consultants and new graduates with little or no bottom line experience to be able to help you.
  2. We were one of the first companies to adopt business simulation modeling for use in strategy development, tactical planning, management and staff training.
  3. We don't just advise you and walk away; we will help in any way you wish, in order to achieve your objectives. These can include, finding appropriate partners, acquisitions, or investors, doing some of the business development and marketing work, developing cash flow forecasts, training your people, doing public relations and communications.
  4. We have developed a number of invaluable proprietary tools for use in specialized services like Customer Satisfaction Studies, New Product Evaluation, Price Sensitivity Measurement and Market Share Estimation.
Depending upon how mature, successful and diversified your business is, the answers to "Where do we go from here?" can range from expanding the existing business through straight forward business development and marketing work to rationalization, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures or divestitures.

When we know where you are headed, we can help you determine how to reach your objectives in the way that best suits your business, taking into account your preferences for speed, risk, cost, profitability etc.

Finally we will help you implement the plan(s) in any way that you may require from finding suitable people, merger or acquisition candidates, finding investors or new funding, direct marketing help, training, communications or whatever else you may need.

The range of services we provide encompasses all the skills needed to help you achieve profitable growth; they are organized in the main menu as follows but can also be accessed directly by clicking on the services of interest below: Carey Fawcett International Inc. was formed in 1983 and incorporated in 1987. Although we are a small specialized consulting company, our name includes the word International for several reasons. Firstly, we have extensive international marketing experience. Secondly, our proprietary techniques are applicable in any market environment. Thirdly, we have developed a network of associates with whom we have worked, that allow us to tackle international projects without maintaining our own offices everywhere and without incurring expensive travel costs.

Our normal way of dealing with potential clients is to discuss your requirements, ideally face to face but, if this is impractical, then on the phone, to provide you with a free proposal and then to discuss the proposal and to modify it so that it truly meets your requirements.

We welcome any questions about our services, so please contact us if you need further information.